April 14, 2020

London is an incredible international city with lots to offer. I recently started traveling to London for work and have collected a few tourist tips from my co-workers and friends abroad to make the most out of my weekends there. Below I highlight some recommended neighborhoods to check out in the city, along with the stunning South Bank Walk ― also known as The Queen’s Walk.

London Weekend Touring Recos

  • Regent’s Park (Check out the Queen Mary Rose garden, it is absolutely magical)

  • Hyde P...

September 20, 2017

On my mission to travel to all 50 USA States before 12/31/18, I recently went on a wild west road trip through 9 states with my college BFF Lacey! We traveled for 6 days, from Sunday 9/2 through Friday 9/8, covering over 2,000* miles. *All miles approximate because we didn't track the exact #s on our trip, and got lost a bunch. #badblogger :)

This trip came together last minute in August, and I'm so grateful we pulled it off! Lacey is also on a mission to explore all 50 states, and we were pumped...

August 24, 2017

As I mentioned in my 50 States Bucket List post, an inspiration for setting this goal was because of my frentor Miriam Thurber. She just turned 20, and not only did she hit 20 countries before her 20th birthday, she has also already traveled to 45 states, with the goal of getting to all 50 by age 25. That motivated me to chase this dream as well; just further proof that those around you truly do impact and influence your life. Miriam told me all about how she came to set this travel goal, so I w...

July 12, 2017

It’s official. I’m calling my next travel goal: Travel to all 50 USA States by 12/31/18. I have 36 states down, and 14 to go. That gives me about a year and a half ― I think I can get it done sooner, but I want to be open to other travel opportunities, and have more seasonal options, especially for Alaska.

This has been a long term travel goal of mine, there's a long list and I like to pick them out and focus on them one by one as much as I can. I had my dream of traveling to all 7 continents sin...

July 6, 2017

Many people cringe when they hear the current United States of America President mention his “America First” mindset. Their minds wander to the people around the world that grow up dreaming about America ― the land of the free, a place where anyone can be anything if they work hard enough ― and wonder what they think when they hear the leader of the free world using that phrase about America’s foreign policies.

Yes, we absolutely need to take care of our own; there is so much progress to be made...

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