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5 Reasons To Go On A Basecamp Antarctica Cruise

When a majority of folks think about traveling the world, Antarctica typically isn’t on the top of their list. Less than 40,000 humans traveled to Antarctica in the 2015-2016 season, braving the Drake Passage and soaking in all the magic that the bottom of the world has to offer. Yes, Antarctica is more expensive and difficult to get to than Paris or even Bangkok, but it offers you an out of this world experience that every human being should consider experiencing. These 5 reasons below will have you moving a cruise to Antarctica way closer to the top of your bucket list!


Need I say more? Step foot on Antarctica, the continent that doesn’t even have a time zone, and be transported to the penguin land you dreamed of as a kid. Spend a couple days snowshoeing around and get to know your new penguins friends, as they may not be afraid to get up close and personal.


Not your typical kayaking trip! Kayak through the Antarctic Peninsula western coasts and sometimes even the northern part of the Weddell Sea; come face to face with wildlife, and icebergs bigger than your Titanic dreams about 1997 Leo.


If you’re looking for an experience that truly breaks the mold of traditional cruise line activities, then you need to try one of the most unique offerings out there – camping under the Antarctic skies. If you want to truly soak in the stars from Earth, you need to do it from the bottom of the world. (Although the penguins may disturb you with their chatter, it’s made sure you’re not disturbing any of the wildlife.)


Your adventure to Antarctica kicks off as you approach the Drake Passage and sail through the Southern Ocean for two days. The Drake Passage can bring you through 30 foot swells before you reach the magnificent land of Antarctica. The harder it is to get to, the more magical it's going to be - and this is definitely a traveler's badge of honor trip!


There are stunning mountains to be hiked and conquered in every country, but mountaineering in Antarctica is like none other if you want to travel further and see more than almost anybody else. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward; with Antarctica mountaineering you strap on your crampons as you journey into glaciated areas, exposing you to hidden crevasses that very few human eyes get to see.

Antarctica doesn't sound much like a retirement trip anymore, does it? Next month I’ll be boarding the ice-strengthened vessel Plancius to cross these adventures off my bucket list. This voyage allows me to not only travel to Antarctica, but take advantage of all the adventures it has to offer. What Antarctic adventures look the most intriguing to you – and what would be on the top of your Antarctica bucket list?

xo SH

Stephanie Huston has partnered with Oceanwide Expeditions on this post. All photo images provided by Oceanwide Expeditions. Use my code STEPH500GIFT (offer ends 31-01-2017) for $500 off your next Basecamp Antarctica adventure!

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