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3 Ways I’m Being Lured by the Magic of Istanbul, Turkey

I have long dreamed of visiting Turkey, and the magic of Istanbul has continued to lure me in as I finally made plans to visit this otherworldly city. I look forward to attending the World Tourism Forum's Global 2017 Meeting that is being held in Istanbul, and learning more about their focus on long-term global tourism solutions. The traveler in me has craved to explore this unique, historical city and experience the innovative and vibrant vibes for myself.

1. Enchanting Culture

The travelers that I have spoken to about Istanbul have said that the city culture is unlike any other. One truly gets to immerse herself and connect with locals that are out and about living their daily lives; I look forward to experiencing local everyday life in Istanbul in the midst of tourist explorations.

2. Captivating Views

When I dream of exploring Istanbul, I conjure memories of visiting cities like Prague and Cairo -- stunning gothic sunsets, majestic mosques, and beautifully adorned monuments. I’ve been assured that the Istanbul skyline will take my breath away, with its ancient architectural triumphs stretching out into the sky from the Byzantine Empire, to the Ottoman Empire and beyond.

3. Fascinating History

There are only a few cities that stretch across continents, and the magic of crossing between two continents within one city beckons me to explore Istanbul. I can’t wait to soak in this culturally diverse city that is important to all of Europe, that has had rulers of Romans, Greeks and Venetians alike, and discover for myself all of the legendary history and artifacts left behind.

The highest of honorable mentions goes to the cuisine of course, I can already smell the kebap varieties and taste the mezes offered. My eyes will be wide open with wonder as I finally get to explore the Grand Bazaar, Ottoman Mosques, Palaces and cruise through the The Bosphorus Strait. Let me know if I missed any of your favorite magic memories from your trip to Istanbul -- would love to hear about them!

xo SH

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