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Make It or Break It Road Trip Essentials

I’d love to hear what country you’re dreaming of driving across! Road trips are a great way to see the country you’re visiting and experience all different aspects of it. If you ever need help planning out a trip, give me a shout, I’d love to help!

You never know what’s going to come at you in life, especially during road trip traveling. I just completed my second road trip in six months and wanted to share the tips and tricks I learned along the way so you can make your road trip the absolute best.

The #FireAndIceTour road trip that I went on through Argentina in November 2016 was quite the adventure with Johnny Bravo. The #MollyMovesToLA road trip was an epic BFF exploration across the USA with Molly Dacey and one I’ll never forget. Below is the road trip essentials list that I originally brainstormed with Johnny while on our 1,500 mile road trip through Argentina, and updated with Molly after our 3,000 miles through America together.

  • Bottled Water

  • Critical to have a supply of water with you, you never know how long it may be in between stops, or if the car breaks down you’ll want a few extra on hand, just in case!

  • Snacks

  • I am the snick snack queen, and kept a small supply of snacks to keep us going in between stops. Snickers are my favorite emergency food ― Molly kept her energy going with Herbalife, and Johnny joined me in the chocolate fest. :)

  • Toilet Paper

  • Ladies... you just never know when you’re going to need it! I always keep a small roll or tissues with me at all times when traveling ― it’s better in the USA but you never know.

  • Portable Charger / Car Charger

  • Duh, you know you can’t be without your phone charged!

  • We had a lot of fun in our shitty old rental car in Argentina, but it didn’t have a USB outlet, so luckily Johnny had a older cigarette USB charger that totally saved us. Have back ups for your back ups!

  • I travel with at least two portable chargers on me, especially because I use my telephone to take a majority of photos these days:

  • This one is tiny and light and perfect for carrying around in your hand if you're taking photos while needing to charge.

  • This charger is a powerhouse and a must have for me ― a solid 2 phone charges which you need when you're out adventuring all day.

  • Charged Camera Battery

  • I travel with two camera chargers and batteries to ensure that I have enough power to take photos during the day, and also to have an extra in case something happens to one. (I.E. That time in Nepal when the outlet blew up my camera charger.)

  • #ProTip: Always fully charge your camera, telephone, and portable chargers overnight when you have power.

  • Maps

  • This wasn’t a problem in America, but we didn’t have cell service during our Argentina road trip, so we would stop to get maps (like, real paper maps) and directions at “Information” stops along the way ― Johnny was the master of this and I learned so much from him on this adventure about asking locals for advice.

  • Map Apps

  • Google Maps ― you can set the route while you’re in WiFi, and as long as you don’t close out the Maps app, it will continue to track you along your way, even when you’re out of service! Total game changer for international travel.

  • ― is an app that backpackers also use to route their next steps ― Anna Christensen, who has been traveling the world for over a year, told me to “ just to see what the area has to offer for yourself. I’ve found it handy to find supermarkets, ATMs, hostels, etc which is of great use for world travelers.”

  • Google Translate App

  • Must have app for any traveler! Download the Google Translate app in advance, along with the language needed while you’re in WiFi so you can use it on the road.

  • Currency Convertor App

  • Important to have so you know how much you’re spending along the way, make sure cab drivers aren’t screwing you, and negotiate pricing as well. My friend and world traveler Mary Lamberti used the My Currency Converter app during our travels together and it proved itself to be very handy!

  • Cash

  • I like to get most of my cash out in advance at the airport, so I’m prepared and don’t have to keep getting cash out on the road, especially because most hostels only accept cash. (Don’t forget to get your card out of the ATM machine when you do get cash out along the way... #lessonlearnedthehardway.)

  • Make sure keep it separated in different places and only keep a certain amount in your wallet, in case you get robbed or scammed by police on the road.

  • Sunscreen

  • Very important to use and put on before the day begins! Road tripping through the desert in the hot sun, your exposed face and arms will definitely need it.

  • Resto Presto

  • Entrepreneur Candi Obrentz shared her creation with me before I left on my first trip road, and I found so many uses for my Resto Presto along the way! I have declared it as #thenewducttape and highly recommend getting this multi-use tool for your trip. Some of the many ways I used my Resto Presto along the way:

  • Photo shoot breaks

  • Roadside picnic breaks

  • Since Resto Presto is 50 UPF, we used it to shield Johnny’s neck and also my new arm tattoo from the road trip sun!

  • Shield the car dashboard from the sun while driving

  • Useful for packing up extra items you may not have an extra bag for in the car

  • Blanket to wrap yourself up in when it’s colder out than expected

  • Pen / Notebook

  • Since we didn’t have internet during the day in Argentina, I wrote down all of our questions that popped up about the landscape and scenery so we could look it up when we could.

  • Daypack

  • Critical to have a small backpack to bring with you when you get out of the car, keep your passport and valuables on you!

As always, your packing game is a personal one and your needs will be unique, so do your research and know what you’ll need to succeed and enjoy yourself. I’m sure that this list will grow with every road trip I go on and each time I fuck up and learn a new travel lesson, I can add to this post. Let me know ― did I miss listing any of your road trip must-haves? Do you have any epic road trip disasters and lessons learned to share?



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