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50 States Frentor Travel Inspiration

As I mentioned in my 50 States Bucket List post, an inspiration for setting this goal was because of my frentor Miriam Thurber. She just turned 20, and not only did she hit 20 countries before her 20th birthday, she has also already traveled to 45 states, with the goal of getting to all 50 by age 25. That motivated me to chase this dream as well; just further proof that those around you truly do impact and influence your life. Miriam told me all about how she came to set this travel goal, so I wanted to share the inspiration with you as well!

How many US States have you been to?

So far, I've been to 45. All but Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.

What's your deadline for traveling to all 50 states?

I want to get all 50 by the time I'm 25. I just turned 20 in June, so I have to average one state per year. (Yikes!)

When did you officially set your goal of getting to all 50 by 25?

February 11, 2017. Just kidding ― I don't remember the actual date. But it was early in 2017. At that point I was missing North Dakota, New Hampshire and Maine as well. I've always wanted to visit every State, and last year-ish I started throwing around 25 as the age. Mind you, I wasn't AT ALL serious, it was just like this random number that sounded cool and got a few oooos and ahhhhhs from friends. But around February of this year, a friend from Massachusetts invited me home with for spring break. Because Massachusetts is SO FRICKIN close to New Hampshire and Maine, we decided to pop up to those for a few days as well. When we started making those plans, I also started thinking about a potential road trip to North Dakota. At that time, I lived in Nebraska, so in the few days between the end of the semester and when I moved to Las Vegas, I hiked up to North Dakota. So, it was during the initial planning phases for those two trips that it became a goal. It became real. I could actually hit all 50 by 25. So I followed through on all those plans and decided that with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of God, I could probably pull 50 by 25 off!

Why did you set your goal to travel to all 50 states + make a deadline for it!?

I'm obsessed with travel and checking things off lists and challenging myself and doing new things. As I said, I figured out that it was doable, but it's also a challenge. Sure, I now technically live in Western USA, but I spend most of the year at school in Pennsylvania, so visiting any of my missing 5 requires time and money. Two things that I don't have a lot of (so if anyone reading this has extra cash just lying around and feels called to help me reach my goal, I will gladly accept your generous donation LOL #butseriously). Visiting all 50 states by the time I'm 25 is going to require effort, careful planning and some monetary sacrifice in other areas of my life. But, because I love travel, seeing new things, and pushing myself, it seems perfect. Plus, the goal kinda puts a fire under my bum. Sure, I'd probably eventually reach all 50 without putting forth TOO much effort, but setting a goal means discipline and growth. Which I'm all about!

I’d love to know ― what inspires you to set life goals or travel goals? How do you best determine the details and deadlines for your dreams? Hearing how other folks (like Miriam!) figure out their goals always inspires me to keep moving forward, even when the path is not clear. Shoot me an email, tweet, or comment on Instagram so we can crowdsource the best goal setting #protips out there!



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