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Tourist Ideas for a Weekend in London

London is an incredible international city with lots to offer. I recently started traveling to London for work and have collected a few tourist tips from my co-workers and friends abroad to make the most out of my weekends there. Below I highlight some recommended neighborhoods to check out in the city, along with the stunning South Bank Walk ― also known as The Queen’s Walk.

London Weekend Touring Recos

  • Regent’s Park (Check out the Queen Mary Rose garden, it is absolutely magical)

  • Hyde Park

  • Kensington Palace

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Covent Garden

  • Tower Bridge

  • Big Ben

  • Westminster Bridge

  • London Eye

  • Tate Modern

  • Borough Market

  • Notting Hill

The Ultimate London Tourist Walk

AKA The Queen’s Walk. I actually thought I discovered this brilliant tourist path... until I discovered that it's like the most famous walk in London. #alwayslearning :)

It would take you around 90 minutes to walk straight through, but plan to take several hours so you can stop and experience all the sights along the way!

1 > Take the Tube from wherever you’re at to Westminster Station.

2 > When you get out of Westminster Station, you’ll be greeted by Big Ben and the Parliament Houses.

  • Walk across Westminster Bridge (towards the London Eye).

  • #ProTip: Before making a left on the bridge to continue your tour, take a right first to enjoy a less crowded spot along the river and cool views of the bridge and Big Ben.

3 > Make a left after you cross the bridge and enter the South Bank Walk along the Thames River.

4> The walk from the London Eye to Tower Bridge along the Thames takes around 45 minutes ― but you’ll want to spend a few hours enjoying all of the shops and sights (like the Tate Modern and Borough Market) it has to offer.

5 > Once you end up at the Tower Bridge, make sure to take a walk across it to fully soak in it’s beauty!

I know there is much more to see and do in London ― what are your favorite spots?

I just announced that I’ll be moving to London for work this Spring ― so will be sure to keep you updated on my London recos! :)



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